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"The development of a really good marriage is not a natural process. It is an achievement." David and Vera Mace

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I'm April, and I've been practicing as a therapist for about 22 years. I believe that each individual is unique and complicated. I enjoy assisting others in finding the most effective ways to increased communication and growth. 

received a Bachelors of Social Work at 
New York University, N.Y., and finished 
there with a Masters in Social Work. After
receiving my Masters, I participated in 
psychodynamic therapy training for two years. 
I moved on and became licensed in the state of 
New York. I then worked in diverse settings, such as hospitals, clinics, public schools, and non-profit organizations. I also began a small 
private practice. Years later, I returned to California, as I'm a native. Since there is no reciprocity, I completed the hours of required work, and exams, and became licensed in California. 

I have a direct approach, and offer a safe environment to explore feelings, 
provide empathic listening, non-judgmental support, and perspective. 

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in your life. So, whether you are seeking individual, or marital therapy, 
your wanting to explore alternatives is an important first step in 
this process. 
Communication is crucial in all relationships; and we can 
continue to increase connective skills throughout our lives. Each person 
has the potential to grow. You may find yourself taking an extreme position, 
fighting with ultimatums, opposition, and then put on hold your own inherent 
ability to adapt and negotiate. You may succumb to blaming the other, 
fighting, criticizing, and suffering in silence. Take a chance, and tap into your innate 
skills to be ever moving, shifting, and fluidChange is what keeps us vital, 
it's up to you to discover, question, seek out, and begin.